Our amenities & facilities*

Padel court

Do you love playing sports? If so, why not try out the padel court at our resort! Padel is a sport that combines tennis and squash, and it's really fun to play. In padel court, you and your friends or family can compete against each other in a game of singles or doubles.

Kids' club

One of the best things you can do while on a family holiday is to have your kids have fun with each other. And what better way to do that than by going to a kids' club? Here, your children can have all the fun they want while you relax and take in the sights.

Spa & Wellness Center

Our Spa & Wellness Center is one of the many places in the resort where you can go and relax. Here you will be able to enjoy a massage, enjoy the sauna or Turkish bath. You will also be able to treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure. There is also a hairdresser on site who can give you a hair treatment or a new style.


The supermarket which is located inside the complex is the ideal place to purchase all your groceries in one place! All kinds of fresh food are available, as well as snacks and other general household items.

Beach Club

The beach club will be the perfect place to relax while on vacation in Zanzibar.

After a long day exploring the beautiful island, you will be able to head to the beach club to chill out by the pool or enjoy a cocktail at the bar as you admire the stunning Zanzibarian sunsets. The beach club is also the perfect place to socialize with fellow travelers and hear about their adventures on Zanzibar.

The interior of the beach club will include a comfortable lounge area and an outdoor lounge area where you will be able to admire the beautiful views of the beach and the Indian Ocean.

The beach club will also feature its own à la carte restaurant.

Beach Club


The restaurant will offer a wide array of cuisines, and is located close to the main road allowing for easy access to visitors. Our restaurant will be the perfect location for locals and tourists alike to visit and enjoy delicious food from across the world. It will provide guests with the opportunity to experience different types of cuisines whilst enjoying our warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We will offer an intimate and relaxed dining experience that is perfect for unwinding and enjoying quality food at affordable prices. In addition, we will offer a wide range of vegetarian options to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy a delicious meal at our restaurant. We aim to provide exceptional hospitality and a welcoming environment for all our guests to enjoy, and we believe that our restaurant will be the perfect place for diners to get together and dine in style.


any people enjoy shopping on vacation because it gives them a chance to buy unique items that they will remember for the rest of their lives. At our gift shop we have a wide assortment of items that you will want to take back home with you!


*Not all amenities and facilities will be available until the construction has been finalized.